March thru September   15 25 50 100
WHITE PEKIN DUCKLINGS   $99.00 $147.00 $257.00 $425.00
FLYING MALLARD DUCKLINGS   $99.00 $147.00 $257.00 $425.00


  $99.00 $147.00 $257.00 $425.00
ROUEN DUCKLINGS   $118.00 $165.00    
INDIAN RUNNER DUCKLINGS   $118.00 $165.00    
BLUE SWEDISH DUCKLINGS   $118.00 $165.00    

Only Assorted Ducklings will be available for Easter Weeks MARCH 27 and APRIL 3. Add $1.00 per duckling.
Mallards are only available March throuth May.


  • PEKINS are all white with orange feet and bills. They are large ducks and ready for market very early, fast maturing.
  • ROUEN DUCKS are very beautiful. The males are a shade of grey, blue and brown with green heads. The females are tan and dark brown. Meat type.
  • FLYING MALLARD DUCKS have the same markings and colorings of the Rouens. They are light in weight and can fly. Tasty game bird flavor.
  • BLUE SWEDISH DUCKS have white bibs. They are good foragers and weigh around 7 or 8 lbs.
  • INDIAN RUNNER DUCKS stand upright and are good layers. They are available in limited numbers.
  • KHAKI CAMPBELL DUCKS are good egg layers and excellent foragers. They are brown in color.


May thru October   15 30 60 120
WHITE MUSCOVY DUCKLINGS   $133.00 $220.00 $386.00 $625.00

  • MUSCOVY DUCKS are exceptionally good for marketing. The white muscovy is bred to grow faster than other muscovies. They can mature in as little as 12 weeks. The meat is not as fatty as other ducks. Muscovies can fly.

NOTE: The Muscovy Ducklings are not shipped with other ducklings and will only be shipped to the following states: PA, MD, NY, VA, NJ, CT, RI, DE, MA


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