March thru June 4 8 16 32    
BROWN OR WHITE CHINESE GOSLINGS $63.00 $118.00 $205.00 $406.00    
AFRICAN GOSLINGS  $63.00 $118.00 $205.00 $406.00    
WHITE EMBDEN GOSLING  $122.00 $209.00 $410.00    
TOULOUSE GOSLINGS $131.00 $254.00    
Assorted Goslings (Our Choice) $113.00 $195.00 $390.00    


  • BROWN OR WHITE CHINESE (WEEDER GEESE) are excellent weeders, especially good at weeding strawberries, etc. Light weight swan like appearance. Good for meat, not as fatty.
  • EMBDEN GEESE are white with orange feet and bills. Our Embdens are especially bred for very large size and fast gains. Some customers reported 12 pounds in 9 weeks. The mature adult weighs up to 24 pounds. They are excellent for marketing and the white feathers bring premium prices.
  • TOULOUSE GEESE are grey with a light grey to almost white on the abdomen. The Toulouse attains weights equal to those of the Embden. Also excellent for marketing.
  • AFRICAN GEESE were stocked for their graceful beauty and coloring. They are grey with a black stripe down the back of the neck, and a black knob over the bill.

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